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Umeå, 2008 :: previous project :: next project

Service Concept :: Experience prototyping :: Window Panels

After the long research period, I started looking for concepts that would be part of the visual and
behavioral vocabulary of the people I was designing for. Using the windows to gossip and observe
the street life happened everywhere in the past and is still present in smaller cities in Brasil.
It has been so strong that the character of the window observer was immortalized by popular art.
The next step was to make a prototype connecting by video conference two points in the school to
observe how people would react to this window into another ambient. It was interesting to observe
how the behavior changed in front of the camera and the word "surveillance" was always associated
to it. Finally I designed what could be the device to enable the service.

This project put me in contact with the issue of the digital divide and my reflections were presented
in SIDeR conference in Denmark, in April 2008 read the paper :: previous project :: next project